Session Policy



Please do read throughout the session policy before you take the personal session.



・ThetaHealing® does not replace medical care, treatment, agent, or health-care facility, therefore, I strongly recommends you to consult medical professional or facility, regardless the result of its healing, if you have particular health condition.

・ThetaHealing® is not a religion.

・ThetaHealing® does not guarantee the result that you expect. It may vary according to person.

・I keep and respect client's privacy strictly. Information that client talked and shared at the session will be securely kept and will not be shared with any party unless it's required by authority.

・I always listen to the clients sincerely without any judgement. Please understand that all questions, messages and advices are from the Creator, not from the healer. No personal opinion or judgement will come from Aloha Nana Nui. 

・Please do not stop seeing your doctor, medication or treatment that you are taking regardless - even if you take ThetaHealing® session(s). In case you do, please do so by client's own will and responsibility. Aloha Nana Nui will not take any responsibility on that.

・Through personal session, Aloha Nana Nui will sincerely work on the client's request, let the Creator do his job at the best and highest way, however, please know that you, client is the creator of your own life, therefore, you make your own choice, with your judgement and responsibility. Aloha Nana Nui will not take any responsibility on the Creator's message or client's choice.

・ThetaHealing® is such a great tool for those who want to live their lives positively, change yourself, achieve your goal, create your own reality. The Creator is always there for you to help, however, please know that this is the process of YOU to create your own life, face yourself and allow you to change things.

・I respect client's free agency. Client is the one who let the change happen and create his/her own life. Each healing can only be done with verbal approval by the clients. Please do know that client has to face yourself at the session - you may have to go through emotional stages but please be aware that this is the necessary process.

・With above reasons, if you are not willing to create your life, or you want the reasons in others, you may not be happy with ThetaHealing®. Please examine yourself if this is the best way for you and make your own decision to apply for the session or classes.

・Payment can be only done by the name of the client. If client is underage, or very sick, and someone else needs to pay for the client, please make sure between the parties and make a payment. Please send the information in written form such as email to me priorly. I will not take care of any trouble of payment in case the 3rd party make it. 

・The session will focus on the client based upon the idea that reality is your own creation. I will not offer you readings of 3rd party unless it's required by the Creator.

・I will not answer the questions regarding to the life, or any other things that considered to be out of common sense.

・I may have to ask the client or student to leave or stop the session if session or class can not be properly and peacefully operated.