Advanced DNA Seminar

Once you complete Basic DNA, Advanced DNA is the way to go!

Basic DNA and Advanced DNA are like One-Set since you can learn most of essential healing technique of ThetaHealing.

Advanced DNA seminar helps you understand more about ThetaHealing, and you will learn more healing technique that allows you to have deeper healing.

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More than 900 downloads

You will receive more than 900 downloads throughout the class which equals to what you can learn from almost 300 lifetimes! These download help you expand, move forward and live a life that your soul truly want. 

More Belief and Feeling work, deeper healing

You will learn more about the belief and feeling work, more technique which bring you deeper healing.

- Send love to a baby in the womb

- Re-create your soul

- Heart Song etc...

In-depth knowledge about the planes of existence

You'll learn in-depth knowledge about the planes of existence which explain what the world that we are living in is. 

- Plant reading

- Talking with ancestors etc..

Seminar Schedule

Upon Request

Please check schedule page for other seminars

Advanced DNA (3 Days) $600


$100 Non-refundable Deposit is required to register.

Retake is half the price.


EARLY BIRD $500 available

Prerequisites: Basic DNA