Manifesting and Abundance Seminar

Creating a life you want through ThetaHealing Manifestation technique is very exciting!

You can manifest and attract more abundance to your life. 

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Keys, tips, secrets for better Manifestation

You can learn the latest information about manifesting - tips and secrets for better manifestation.

Release the blocks and allow yourself to receive

You will release blocks so that you can allow yourself to receive what you manifested. 100 check-list is used to find the blocks and you'll clear them with digging.

Create a life you want and attract more abundance

Once you release the blocks, you will manifest and attract more abundance in your life through exercises during the seminar.

Seminar in English Schedule

Upon Request

Please check schedule page for seminars in Japanese

Manifesting and Abundance (2 Days) $600


$100 Non-refundable Deposit is required to register.

Retake is half the price.

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper