World Relations Seminar

 Release the old prejudice, resentment and hatred towards particular race, country, religion and group from your ancestors, another life time, that creates issues now.

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Talk to your DNA and find hidden prejudice, hatred and resentment

Prejudice, hatred and resentment travels through our DNA and may be still there. In this seminar, you will find these "hidden" belief and emotions from the past which no longer serves you and release them.

Love, acceptance, forgiveness for yourself

Hatred and resentment do not necessarily only come from the others. You may have them towards yourself. Heal yourself with love, acceptance and forgiveness and move forward. World starts from YOU!

Open the door to the world, be with the world with all possibility

Any country that you don't like? Any group that makes you feel uncomfortable? Any culture that bothers you? Let's find out why they trigger you and heal, so that you can be with the world. We are all connected!

Seminar Schedule


Seminar will be scheduled upon request.

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World Relations (5 Days) $1000


$200 Non-refundable Deposit is required to register.

Retake is half the price.

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper