Dig Deeper Seminar

Dig Deeper is a class that you can learn ALL about digging.

Digging is one of the most important and essential technique of ThetaHealing to change and create the reality.

Become more confident and have fun in the digging/belief work!

Please click here for more info about the class and what you will learn.

10 ways of digging short-cut

In order to reach the bottom belief faster, 10 ways of digging short-cut is very helpful. Mastering these short-cuts and using them during the session, you'll be able to have faster, lighter and more efficient healing for your clients and yourself.

Session flow, what to ask, how to ask

You will learn basic session flow, what to do on the session - what to ask, how to ask to reach the bottom belief, how to release, change, heal and create new reality you want. Special hand out and demo sessions are provided.

Be confident and comfortable with digging

Useful tips for digging and belief work are also covered in this seminar. Have FUN with practicing! At the end of the seminar, you will feel more confident and comfortable with digging and belief work process. 

From Feb 1st, 2018, Dig Deeper is required to take

ALL ThetaHealing Seminars

except Basic and advanced.

Seminar in English Schedule

Seminar will be scheduled upon request.

Please check schedule page for seminars in Japanese

Dig Deeper (2 Days) $560


$100 Non-refundable Deposit is required to register.

Retake is half the price.


 EARLY BIRD $500 available if you register and pay in full 5 weeks prior to the seminar date

Prerequisites: Advanced DNA