Soul Mate Seminar

Love yourself and find your true partner! 

Prepare yourself to find your soul mate or build deeper relationship with your mate.

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What is Love? What is Soul Mate?

There are 7 kinds of Love, 7 kinds of Soul Mate. Sometimes people are confused because there are more than one Soul Mate. This seminar will give you clarity of love as well as soul mate so that you can have one!

Know what you want and get ready for your Soul Mate.

First step to find your Soul Mate is know what you want in them. Let's find out what you want in them and in relationship. Also this seminar will get yourself ready to find and be with your Soul Mate.

From looking-for to find Soul Mate and build better relationship.

It's easier for many people to "look for" Soul Mate than to "find". You'll release the block and learn the tips for building better and deeper relationship with your Soul Mate. This seminar also talk about what it is and how to love yourself.

Seminar in English Schedule

Upon Request

Please check schedule page for seminars in Japanese

Soul Mate (2 Days) $500


$100 Non-refundable Deposit is required to register.

Retake is half the price.

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper