Game of Life Seminar

This is a class for true healers!

You will have in-depth understanding of diseases and disorders as well as your body. 

You will not only understand, but also release fear for any diseases and disorders so that you can work on them.

Please click here for more info about the class and what you will learn.

7 Stages to clear to be successful

There are 7 stages for you to clear in order to be successful. Clear the each step, with focused Digging, release the "stoppers" and expand your comfort zone.

Digging and clear the belief on each stage to go to the next

Each stage has focus and belief to clear. Lots of fun with digging and this is why this class is great to reach your goal.

Experience the energy of success and feel the manifestation

We will have fun exercise too! Experience the energy of success, share that with your class mate first then manifest! 

Seminar Schedule


Seminar will be scheduled upon request.

 Please check schedule for other seminars

Game of Life (3 Days) $600


$100 Non-refundable Deposit is required to register.

Retake is half the price.

Prerequisites: Dig Deeper