DNA 3 Seminar

Be the light. Be the vibration. Expand into molecules.

This is where you can truly "experience" ThetaHealing!

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Be the light, be the wave, be the vibration and expand into molecules.

From this seminar you will have true understanding of what is happening with ThetaHealing. You will experience from being the light, wave, vibration and expand into molecules. 

Nothing is impossible. What if all is possible?

What if it's possible? This simple question will trigger the fear - to work on this fear, you will get to the next level that you've never thought of being. You will be very powerful with your true ability, true power. You will experience psychic ability that you've never thought you have.

Awaken yourself with whole new experiences

You will activate your Eternal Molecules once again and align them. You will experience that you are the light. And you are awaken. Lots of fun exercises to experience what we are actually doing with ThetaHealing. 

Seminar Schedule

 Upon Request 

 Please check schedule for other seminars

DNA3 (5 Days)


$200 Non-refundable Deposit is required to register.

Retake is half the price.

Prerequisites: Intuitive Anatomy

(From Feb 1, 2018 Dig Deeper will be required)